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The 'NICU Friends' Octopus

The 'NICU Friends' Octopus

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The Octopus Collection.

Our special octopus collection is inspired by our own personal experience spending time within a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Each octopus is named and has their individual story.

Our octopus’ are often given to babies in NICU, they would also be an ideal gift for newborns and 0-6 month babies.

Why an Octopus?

Research has proven that the tentacles of the octopus remind babies of the umbilical cord and being in the womb. This creates comfort and makes them feel safe.

Babies that have to spend time in NICU / SCBU are often attached to medical equipment, leads, wires, tubes. These occasionally end up being pulled out by our tiny babies as they love to wrap their little fingers around something, therefore giving babies the option to hold a soft octopus tentacle can prevent this from happening and is the perfect solution, especially when human touch is not always possible.

The idea originated at Aarhaus University Hospital in Denmark, where it was found that octopus power can help improve a preemie's breathing and regulate their heartbeat and blood oxygen levels.

Material used

  • 100% cotton yarn
  • Plastic Safety eyes
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