Our Story

Hey, welcome to ‘The Tiny Company’ 👶🏼🧸☁️ We wanted to share our story & the reason why we decided to open ‘The Tiny Company’.

In November 2022, we welcomed our baby girl (Isabella) into the world. She was 9 week’s premature. She weighed 2lb 15oz and she was teeny tiny! We wasn’t expecting to meet our baby so early, as you can imagine she came as a shock. We wasn’t prepared, we had no clothing that would fit, her bedroom wasn’t even finished.
Isabella spent 27 days in the Hull neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). We didn’t want to leave her side, we didn’t have time to go and search stores for premature clothing, our relatives struggled to find us affordable premature baby clothing, suitable for a baby requiring medical intervention whilst in NICU.

One evening, whilst sat with Bella it just popped into my mind. This is what I needed to do. I needed to create our own premature clothing range, that was affordable, suitable to meet the needs for babies requiring medical intervention and that was easily available. I started writing notes on my phone about the amount of times other parents within NICU would raise the same issue we had ‘We can’t find clothing small enough’. In December 2022, our baby girl was finally able to come home (it was a week before Christmas), once we had settled into our new life, I shared my idea with my partner and here we are today…

As Bella has grown we’ve struggled to find neutral coloured clothing, our friends who we met whilst in NICU mainly have little boys, they also shared the same frustration.
“Everything is covered in trucks, trains or dinosaurs”, so of course we had to do something about it and that’s when we agreed to include sizes for babies from premature all the way up to 12 months.

We are a small business with big dreams. We hope you can find some inspiration from our story, we genuinely just want to make shopping for your little ones easier, we want to create a community of support as we know parenthood can be a little hectic at times, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.

Happy shopping 🫶
Lots of love
The Tiny Company UK - TTC x