Sizing Chart

Here at TTC, we use manufacturers all over the world to give you the latest fashion for your little one. Therefore we try our hardest to ensure the sizing guide is as factual as possible. 

Please see below as a guide for 0-12 month clothing.

Age 0-3 months 3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

Weight 5.5kg/upto 12lb 8kg/ upto 18lbs

9.5kg/ upto 21.5lbs

11kg/ upto 24lbs

Length 56-62/22-24in 62-68cm/24-27in





Premature Size Guide

Weight 0.5kg/upto 1lb 1.4kg/upto 3lb 2.3kg/upto 5lb 3.1kg/upto 7lb 3.55kg/upto 8lb
Length 27cm, 10 3/4in 41cm/16in 46cm/18in 50cm/19.5in 51cm/20in
Chest Circumference 20cm/8in 28cm/11in 32cm/12.5in 35cm/13.5in 37cm/14.5



*This size guide is an estimate of measurements. It shows imperial and metric units on measure for height/weight/chest circumference. If you are still unsure on which size to use then please get in touch via the contact form and we will assist. 

Sometimes the clothing you purchase may be too small/big. Due to worldwide manufacturers we cannot give precise sizing details of each product. There may be one product which fits perfect, then another which is a different fit, this is because every country have different sizing guides. If a product doesnt fit how you would like it too, please head over to our returns page.  


Thank you - TTC x