Here at thetinycompany we love helping those going through difficult times in NICU/SCBU.

That's why we decided you can also help us help them. We are offering you the chance to purchase and donate any of our items from our premature collection or from the 'NICU friends' octopus range. Simply purchase the item you wish to donate, make sure in the 'shipping address' you write 'NICU DONATION'.

Add "DONATION" in the discount at checkout to receive free delivery to Hull NICU only.

We also think it would be really kind if you could write a few words to send along with the item of your choice. We don't mind if its a short sentence, a poem or a story. We will print your words out and place them alongside your purchase. Your words may help that family in more ways than what you could imagine. If you would like to make it known who you are then we can do or you can remain anonymous. It's also more than enough if you choose not to write a few words. Its totally your choice. If you wish to write a message, please write this in the notes section of your cart, along with any other information you would like passing on. 

In return we will deliver your purchased product to the staff at Hull NICU who will then offer your purchase to a family spending time there.

From our very own designed tee's, gowns, to mittens or an octopus friend, your purchase will make someone feel thought of and cared for, which is the best gift to give anyone.

Thankyou, TheTinyCompany x